BUDDY - mini-schnoodle-heart-stealer

Adorable little buddy was hidden under a ton of hair at the shelter - a little haircut and poof - instant handsome!

Sunday, January 31, 2010

week three of cage rest: january 30-Feb 5th

Sunday - Jan 31st - i gave buddy a bath for the first time -- he did great and hardly complained at all!

Monday we started the first phase of physical therapy -  9 days in a row of PST - pulsed therapy at C.A.R.E. - helps soft tissue heal and regenerate and it decreases pain early on....

i think the therapy experience every day is helping buddy with his self-esteem as i am pretty sure he was abused before...he loves the car ride there and back - and he is with my boy westie, chance for the whole experience since they are both having physical therapy at the same time (chance has tow partial knee ligament tears)...Monday when we go home i heard buddy bark for the first time ever -- a good sign!

Monday, January 25, 2010

week two of cage rest january 23rd-29

buddy is starting to feel better because he wants to be in his crate less - he is on a lot of new supplements and medications - but, on the 25th he threw up - i think they are bothering his tummy - so we skipped them that evening and gave him his previous pain med. we are starting him on one new med every 4 days to see how he does.

buddy seems to be putting a little more weight on his back left foot - must be a good sign!

now that he has finished week 2 of his cage rest i got him a bigger crate so that he can move around a little more (after checking with the vet).

he loves to lay in the sun on the patio in the mornings!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

week one of cage rest january 16th-22nd

buddy is so quiet and good in his cage, he doesnt cry or bark...in a way that makes me a little sad. i carry him to go potty and keep him on a leash so he doesnt walk around too much. he has a crate in the living room and a fabric crate next to my bed...buddy and my dogs all get along great...i put a blanket part way over the crate so that it feels like a safe cave.

he seems to be in pain in between his pain pills - so, now he gets them 3 times a day.. i take him out for 15 min at a time to lay with me on the couch - he is very fidgety - i think because he can not get comfortable from pain.
on the 19th we had an appointment  at the rehab vet -- dr jessica waldman at california animal rehabilitation - http://www.calanimalrehab.com/. it turns out that buddy not only has 3 fractures in his pelvis, but also a complete tear of his anterior cruciate ligament in his left rear leg. he not only needs cage rest for 4 weeks, but also physical therapy for 8 weeks. he cannot start the exertional therapy part until after his cage rest, but, he can get acupuncture and range of motion exercises - in fact, they gave me a home program of exercises to do twice a day with him. they also recommend pulsed signal therapy for nine sessions in a row...we will start this regimen soon.

dr waldman said that when buddy is all healed, he will be able to be active, but should never be wildly active because he could re-injure his knee - that will not be easy for a young terrier mix you can be sure.

i started buddy on his home exercise program, but he doesnt like it too much, so we do what we can.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

BUDDY (prev named toddy at the shelter) is an adorable gray mini schnauzer mix - 4 years old, he weighs  13 pounds and was just rescued on 1/2/2010 from the shelter red list. he is neutered vaccinated and micro-chipped.

i noticed that buddy had a slight limp and he was guarding his hind-quarters...i took him to the vet - his back left leg is atrophied and  xrays showed that his pelvis has been broken in three places! the whole area is inflamed and tender! he does not need surgery...but, he has to be on cage rest for several weeks which means he has to stay in his crate so that he does not move around and even be carried out to go potty and kept on a leash so that he has limited space to move around when he goes potty-- then he gets carried back to his crate -- same with his meals...he can come out of his crate to be held for a bit - but, cannot be let down to walk around...

BUDDY (prev named toddy at the shelter) is an adorable gray mini schnauzer mix - 4 years old, he weighs  13 pounds and was just rescued on 1/2/2010 from the shelter red list. he is neutered vaccinated and micro-chipped. 

he is sweet as pie - he loves to be held and gives lots of kisses!
he likes other dogs and he likes cats, too!

this little luv will be ready for adoption after his pelvis heals and he completes his rehab therapy.

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